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Kipas Books is a new publishing venture, created primarily to celebrate the work of Kevin Burgemeestre.

Kipas, Indonesian word for fan, is a word Kevin used when cooking and fanning food to cool it. Now his granddaughter uses that word, and so Kipas represents the language link from Kevin's family heritage into the future. The logo represents a fan and a book which opens to celebrate his initials.

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Antarctic Dad

Written by Hazel Edwards and illustrated by Kevin Burgemeestre.

Lots of families have parents who work away from home. When Dad works in Antarctica for a year, this family keep in touch by e-mail, digital photos and other ways. Fiction, but factually based due to Hazel's Antarctic expedition experience with the Australian Antarctic Division at Casey station.

Antarctic vehicles, wildlife and family 'keeping in touch' rituals are accurately drawn by illustrator Kevin Burgemeestre. Also a useful source for students studying Antarctica.

$15.00 AUD (paperback) for enquiries and to purchase.